The start-up world is getting bigger and bigger. More and more people chose this way-of-live above being an employee. Each of these new companies has a solution to a problem. Unfortunately, not every problem exists. Research shows that the biggest failure-factor for a start-up is having a solution for a non-existent problem (De 20 belangrijkste redenen waarom startups het niet redden). ODER on the other hand has 20 years of experience in the real estate world and therefore knows exactly what problems the industry is dealing with.

Through ODER, these problems will be analysed to understand what precisely is the issue and what is required to solve this. When a possible soltution is found, a prototype will be produced. The success of this prototype will be determined by the launching customer. This way, the idea will show its strengths and weaknesses. Only after a successful launching customer experience, the idea will become a real startup. Co-founders will be searched for.

Another failure-factor in startups is a lack of expertise in a certain aspect of the business. ODER however, stands out in providing a team of professionals who will support the startup with knowledge and skills they acquired through years of handling the exact same issues the startups will encounter. Add to this the years of experience ODER has in the office-market and you can be sure that even startups in the earliest stage of their development can rely on a qualified team.

Under the wings of ODER, the startups that are deemed successful will grow for several years, getting a larger market share and increasing in value. After 3-7 years, the company will be ready for a next step. ODER will sell the startup to make sure it can grow with even langer resources at its disposal.